Flatter Files is an application that is focused on improving drawing communication within your organization and with third parties outside your organization.  Historically, the design team handles the drawings and is also responsible for making sure everyone has the correct drawings.  This can be very difficult when drawings are changed or when many drawings are needed to complete a project.  You may have a large bill of materials that contain the part numbers and you must make sure you have the correct drawing for each of the part numbers. Once multiple revisions are introduced, this can become quite a headache to keep organized.

Flatter Files does two specific things to greatly improve drawing communication between the design team and others involved in the project.  First, all drawings and subsequent revisions are automatically uploaded to a central hub that can be accessed.  This requires no additional work by the design team and yet results in full viewing access by simply logging into Flatter Files.  The drawings found are ensured to always be the latest approved revision and if someone views a drawing that is currently being modified they will be notified.  The second thing Flatter Files does to improve drawing communication is it groups your individual drawings into assemblies.  An assembly provides a single view that contains a collection of drawings that are needed to complete a task.  The assembly remains up to date as the drawings are revised.  This eliminates the need to search for all of the related drawings and make sure that you have the latest version.  Instead, just locate the assembly.

These two specific features will greatly reduce the amount of time required by the design team to keep the drawings current and will give everyone in your organization access to the most current information without having to ask for it.