A new library view has been added to Flatter Files that displays all of your assemblies in the same manner that Drawings displays all of your drawings.  As you can see in the image below, you simply select on Assemblies on the left hand side of the screen and the new view is displayed.

This new Assemblies view displays each and every assembly.  This includes both top assemblies and sub assemblies.  By simply selecting on the item, the entire assembly is displayed.  This will include every drawing that is included in the hierarchy of the assembly.  The display interface matches the Drawings interface.

The existing assembly view has been renamed to Folders.  In this view you will still see a listing of all of your top assemblies, which are grouped into folders.  If you click on a top assembly the hierarchy of that assembly will be displayed as before.  You can also get to this hierarchy by right clicking on any assembly in the new Assemblies view and select View Hierarchy as shown in the image below.

Once View Hierarchy is selected the corresponding top assembly is displayed in the Folders view.  For example, the assembly BD-0004 was right clicked and View Hierarchy was selected in the image above.  The image below shows the resulting hierarchy in the folder view and highlights the corresponding assembly that was right clicked.

The new Assemblies view provides a single location for you to search and locate assemblies.  This greatly reduces the amount of work needed to find, share, or copy assemblies.