Flatter Files now archives all of your files associated with your drawings and documents.  When the Uploader Application performs an upload it creates a PDF representing your drawing or document and uploads it.  Starting today it will now also upload the actual drawing or document file as well as the PDF.  The actual file is archived such that each revision that you create will include the actual file at that point in time.  This allows you to download the file for a previous revision at any point in the future.  To download the appropriate file simply right click the item and click "Native" as shown below.  A zip file containing the appropriate file will be downloaded.

For Inventor and SolidWorks, the appropriate model files are uploaded as well as the drawing files.  When downloading an Inventor or SolidWorks item, the zip file will contain the drawing file along with all of the model files associated with that drawing.

This also works for assemblies.  To obtain the complete hierarchy of the assembly, you must download the files from the Assembly library in the exact same manner as for drawings and documents.

The result of this new functionality is now all of your important files associated with your drawings and documents are securely stored and archived for every revision of every item that is uploaded.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].