The Flatter Files Uploader application has been updated to include a few new ways to simplify revision control and save you time.  The new menu includes three new items as shown below.

The first new item is "Check In All."  By simply clicking this and then selecting a reviewer all of your currently checked out items will be submitted for review.  In addition, this will automatically perform a complete upload such that all of the latest files are uploaded.  This is very convenient when you are working on large projects where you are simultaneously editing multiple items.

The second new item is "Check Out Open Files."  Whenever you start editing a drawing or document, the first thing you should do is check the item out.  This is a way to notify anyone that might view the item that it is currently being modified.  After you open the files you plan to edit, simply click "Check Out Open Files" and all of the appropriate files will be checked out.

The last item added is a listing of all of your unread notifications.  This is a simple way for you to view and quickly respond to any notifications.  This includes being able to accept or reject a revision directly from within the Uploader application.

These three items, make it even easier to upload your content and keep it up to date such that everyone in your organization always has access to the latest drawings and documents.