Flatter Files now provides the capability to automatically create and upload a DXF file of your sheet metal parts for Inventor and SolidWorks files.  DXF files are commonly needed in a manufacturing environment.  With Flatter Files, you no longer manually must create and send the DXF.  Instead the DXF file can be accessed directly from Flatter Files.   There are two ways to download the corresponding DXF for a drawing.  The first is whenever you are viewing an item there is a download button.  By clicking the download button a list of the available downloads is displayed in the top right as shown below:

If the part is a sheet metal part, then the DXF option will apear in the list.  By clicking on DXF a zip file containing individual DXF files for each sheet of the drawing will be downloaded.  In addition you can download the DXF file by right clicking on the drawing from within the library view as shown below:

The uploader application has been updated with a couple of new options.  Anytime the SolidWorks or Inventor file type is selected then the DXF creation option will appear such that you can determine whether the DXF files should be uploaded.  In addition, you can now turn off the uploading of the actual native files for each item and you can turn off the uploading of the 3D geometry files.  By turning the 3D geometry option off you will no longer be able to view a 3D view from within Flatter Files.

These new options allow you to further customize the uploader's operation such that it fits your needs.  For example, if including the native files is not important to you then by turning off this option each upload will take less time.