Flatter Files has been updated today with a significant overhaul to the application to provide a significant increase in performance.  This increase in performance should be noticeable by everyone although customers with large quantities of drawings or documents will likely notice it the most.

In addition to the performance boost, Flatter Files now contains the ability to create custom libraries.  By default your account contains both a Drawing and Document library.  Now you can add as many additional libraries as you need to help organize your content.  All libraries can easily be renamed as needed and you can also delete any of your custom libraries.  Simply right click on an existing library to display a menu of the library options.

You can also easily move items from one library to another.  Simply right click on the item you want to move and then navigate to the "Move To" option.  This is shown in the image below.

The uploader application has also been updated to support uploading directly into any of your libraries.  The iOS mobile applications will be updated in the near future.  For the time being, all items even if they are in a different library will still be shown in either the drawing or document library when accessing your content on either your iPhone or iPad.