Search is a big part of using Flatter Files.  Search makes finding your content super fast and easy.  If you know the part number then finding a drawing is nearly instant.  Just type in the part number, hit enter and the drawing will appear in the result.  Many times though you don't know the part number and need to find the drawing in another manner.  Here are a few advanced search methods that should make finding your content even easier.
  • Search using a portion of a part number
The part number field is indexed such that you do not have to match the entire value.  If you know a portion of the number then the item will still be returned.  For example, you may have a group of items with a part number that has a specific prefix.  You can find all of those items by searching for that specific prefix.
  • Use the keyword OR
Searches with multiple words require that the item contains both words to be returned.  Add the keyword OR between each word if you want the results to contain any of the words.  For example if you want the results to include any items that contain either plate or full then the query would be the following:

plate OR full
  • Use the keyword NOT
Using the keyword NOT will limit the search results to only include items that don't include a particular word.  For example, if you want the items that contain plate but don't include any items that also contain the word steel the query would be entered as:

plate NOT steel
  • Use quotes
Quotes force the search to only return items that match the words exactly as phrased in the query.
  • Field specific searches
Limit the search to only match values in a specific field by entering the field name and then enter a colon followed by the value.  For example, to search the description field for the value plate enter the query: 


To search for all checked out items enter:


You can also abbreviate the field values to typical abbreviations.  For example, description can be abbreviated to desc.
  • Combine field searches
To search for a description that contains the word plate and is also checked out the search would be entered as following:

desc:plate checkedout:yes
  • Date specific searches
To return any items that have a revision since a specific date enter the following:

date > 2013-1-1

This will result in any items that have a date newer than January 1st 2013.  If you would like to search for any items that are older than a specific date then the query would be:

date < 2013-1-1

The query above will return all items that have a date older than January 1st 2013.

The advanced search methods above should greatly improve your ability to find exactly what you are looking for within your content.