Service Description

Flatter Files is cloud based publishing tool designed to make your drawings accessible everywhere and by everyone that needs access to your drawings. Flatter Files greatly improves drawing communication, prevents mistakes caused by improper use of old drawings, and greatly simplifies the process of communicating drawings to your supply chain.

Flatter Files consists of the following components:

Flatter Files uses Google Cloud Platform to store and process data as needed to provide the Flatter Files service.

Windows Desktop Application that functions as an advanced batch processor. The Uploader integrates with your content creation process such that as soon as content is approved it can be made available on Flatter Files. As revisions are made the content is automatically updated by the Uploader.

Designed for modern desktop browsers, the web app is a fully featured method for accessing your content and managing your account.

Flatter Files includes native mobile applications for viewing content on phones and tablets. Currently mobile applications can be downloaded from the Apple App Store (iPhone & iPad), Google Play Store (Android), and Microsoft Store (Windows 10 tablets).