Flatter Files takes the security of your data very seriously. All communication between the clients and server are done using SSL connections. All of your data is stored and processed using Google Cloud Platform. By using GCP, Flatter Files is able to use infrastructure located in the same data centers that run Google’s world class web services. Security measures implemented by GCP are outlined in this white paper.

The least secure part of any cloud service is the individual username and password for each user account. Thus, it is very important that users use unique passwords and do not share their passwords with others. As an account administrator, you can also turn on two-step authentication for your account. This will greatly improve the security of your account since each user must authenticate each new device by inputing a random code at the time of login. Existing devices must be authenticated every 30 days after the initial login. Once two-step authentication is enabled, the administrator can also view all of the devices that have been authenticated for each user as well as revoke the authentication at any point.

Flatter Files also offers integration with any SAML 2.0 compliant identify provider to enable Single Sign On for authenticating users instead of using the Flatter Files login system. This gives you complete control the authentication process and simplifies the login process for users since they will not have a Flatter File specific password. For example, if you use Office 365 or GSuite for email then the same authentication process used for those applications can be used to access Flatter Files.

In addition to two step authentication and Single Sign On, IP address limits can also be specified. This enables you to limit access to certain users only if there IP address originates from an IP address that you control.