Flatter Files is a very cost effective way to get more value out of PDM Standard. The biggest missing feature of PDM Standard is the lack of any type of automation. This includes the inability to auto generate PDFs when a drawing is released. Due to it’s unique integration, Flatter Files is able to overcome this limitation and provide the only commercially available method for auto generating PDFs when a drawing is released.

In addition, Flatter Files provides many other unique features that will allow you to extract a lot more value from your investment into PDM Standard. Here are some key features that Flatter Files provides:

  • Automated PDF and other generic CAD file creation
  • Unlimited viewer access
  • Drawing markups
  • Email notifications for new revisions
  • Managed external viewer access for suppliers and partners
  • Mobile access via App for iOS and Android
  • Active Directory integration via SAML

As you can tell, integrating Flatter Files with PDM Standard will provide an incredible experience in the most cost effective manner. For example, you can give access to your content to an unlimited number of viewers such that everyone has frictionless access and can provide feedback by creating drawing markups. In addition, your suppliers can receive an email anytime a new revision occurs to a drawing that you have shared with them. This is just a few of the most popular benefits of using Flatter Files.

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